Snowboarder carving up some pow

Winter is coming, and that’s not just some Game of Thrones talk.
Winter is actually on its way, and that means you are probably already starting to think about getting out on the slopes with your snowboard. You’re daydream about it, and you might already be planning your winter vacation around boarding. If you are, then you know you need to go to one of the best snowboarding destinations in the USA. Do your research and never settle for a molehill when what you really need is a mountain.
Let’s look at five top resorts you could be shredding this winter.

Park City, Utah

Park City is one of the most popular destinations for skiers as well as snowboarders today. The resort town has more than 3,300 acres on 114 trails. They also have three terrain parks, which are just perfect for snowboarders. They even offer night riding from December 25 to March 25. While the area has plenty for boarders to love, it also has some great, accommodating lodges, as well as nice places to dine and shop. That’s right, you can have a great time even when you aren't hurtling down the mountains.
Also, if you’re in the area, be sure to take advantage of all the epic riding around Salt Lake City. The Canyons Mountain Resort, while expensive, does offer less crowds as well as some nice creature comforts. Brighton is one of the smaller resorts in the neighborhood, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in quality. And Snowbird is legendary for it’s world-class terrain.

Kirkwood, California

Located near the Tahoe area, snowboarders here are able to enjoy four different terrain parks, as well as some fresh powder areas. They have spots for boarders of every level. For example, Adventure Land Beginner Park is perfect for – you guessed it – the beginners. Don’t worry; they have some parks for intermediate and advanced boarders too.
For more all-mountain minded riders, Kirkwood has plenty to offer in Sentinel Bowl and Palisades Bowl. Thanks to being slightly south of Lake Tahoe, the crowds many California resorts get, pass right by Kirkwood, leaving powder untouched here for weeks. Also, no trip to Kirkwood is complete without the cheek-clenching experience of riding down The Wall.
Everyone will find plenty to love in Kirkwood.

Mammoth Mountain, California

Another California hotspot for boarders is Mammoth Mountain. The mountain is more than 11,000 feet high and it offers more than 3,500 acres of beautiful terrain. The area gets around 400 inches of snow annually, but they have a substantial amount of sunshine. It’s a perfect place for a snowboarding getaway. One of the most interesting features is the Super Duper Pipe - a 600 foot long, 22 foot high behemoth, one of the biggest pipes in the world. And don’t think it doesn’t have great all-mountain terrain as well, any resort that turns out riders like Eric and John Jackson has got to have some heavy terrain.

Big Sky, Montana

One of the best features of this resort is the fact that it never seems to be too busy. Resorts in other parts of the country are easier to reach, but since this beauty is in the middle of Montana, only true snow aficionados make their way to it.
The true beauty of Big Sky lies in her natural terrain. The Lone Peak Tram takes riders up to the peak which leads to one of the longest vertical drops in North America at 4,366 feet. This tram also leads to some of the best steeps in the country. Pair that with the fact that you can ride right off the back into Moonlight Basin, essentially a slightly smaller Big Sky, and you have a freeride snowboarder’s heaven.
You can also have a great time riding the three terrain parks here.

Breckenridge, Colorado

One of the most famous destinations in the country, Breckenridge can easily live up to the reputation it has gained over the past fifty years.
With one of the best park setups in the world, this is the place to be if terrain parks are your thing. Start with the three smaller progression parks, and the mini-shred pipe, then take it to the giant jumps and pipe in the Freeway park, or the jib line in Park Lane. It’s no wonder it consistently places in the top 10 for parks in Transworld Snowboarding’s yearly resort poll.

There are five rad ideas for your next shred vacation.
While these are some of the best, they are by no means the only places you can visit in the country. Check out some of the other great places from the West Coast to the East Coast, the Rockies, and more.

Stay tuned for the next installment.